Always under development, more will be added soon. Come back for a visit sometimes and see whats happening on Sketches, Research and Development by Menno Hiele.

Villa Zebra, Rotterdam – work in progress

Original function #2 – Trestles at Oostelijk Zwembad, Rotterdam

Sketches, Research and Development by Menno Hiele

Original function #2 – Trestles

This sculpture/installation will be first shown on the Prospects and Concepts show at Art Rotterdam 2016.

Original function #1 – Step ladder

Cultivated Images (destroyed)

Search result from google on nature related subjects. What is nature according to google images. These images are printed on a small scale, cut to a kind of mosaic tiles and used in a collage.

Untitled and untested


Material/Form Research and Sketches

Exchange of expertise

Sometimes you don’t know how to make something. For example in the past, before the WordPress Era, I didn’t know how to make a website. So I asked someone to make it for me. So I was in debt.

This particular person wasn’t a real good caretaker of plants so I developed an installation to grow a plant which doesn’t require a lot of care-taking. Adding a bit of extra water and some nutritions every few weeks or so does the trick.

It still lives and is actually flourishing.


Workshop project at elementary school De Vuurvogel in Amersfoort

Hydroponic installation created in collaboration with the students of De Vuurvogel. The children painted a design on the pvc-pipes. A project to get more green and color into the school .

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