Original function – This series of sculptures explores the original function of processed natural materials within the man-made object. Through the combination of original characteristics of, for example, cut wood, hydroponics and plants the material gets the opportunity to be a living organism again.

The works within the series Original Function represent various elements of trees and plants. In Original Function #2 you’ll find for example that the nutrient rich water that flows through the tubes inside the wooden installation, resemble the sap flow of trees. Also, the hand-made wooden trestles function as the sculpture’s natural building blocks that give it the opportunity to grow.

The pumps inside the water reservoir make sure the plants get enough water. However, the pumps are connected to a sensor that is only triggered by the surrounding audience. This connection to the audience gives it the chance to blend in into the interior environment.

Size and materials:

200x150x350cm – Processed wood, OSB, water, plants, tubes, crates, handmade pvc reservoirs and a pump.